Tuesday, October 4, 2016

National Geographic Bee

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Click this Link for the Study Corner for Nat Geo Bee

I have just registered White Station Middle School for the National Geographic Bee. You can access some study materials now to prepare at the above link. After they receive our payment, even more study materials will be available and I will post them here, as well. Study hard!

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

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Tour The Alhambra

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Post Labor Day Week

Hope everyone had a great Labor Day weekend! And I'm sure we're all so ready to put our noses back to the grindstone again! That was a joke, students!

So, here's what's up this week -
1. Turn in Dessert projects today from the Learning Menu
2. Composition book grades for the Learning Menu work is due tomorrow
3. The Chapter 3 online test will be open all week for you to take in class. Pick the day you are ready (which means you have studied both your notes and the organizer) and take the test.
4. We leave Rome behind this week and begin The World of Islam.
There's a lot to do in these four short days!
Don't forget that the open house will be Thursday at 6:00 p.m. for any and all who wish to come, I look forward to meeting you!
Have  a great week!

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Welcome to Seventh Grade Falcon Social Studies!

I am so pleased to welcome each and every one of you to my class! I feel so lucky to have such a nice group of students to work with. Last year I said no one could beat my group for sweetness, manners and just all round good personalities, but I think I was wrong! There was someone out there who could easily equal their likeability quotient.... and it was YOU!!!!!

I am just about at the point where I know everyone's name (Alex, Emily, Thomas, Brady, Abby C., Lovie, Anna, Caroline, Abby I., Selah, Amrutha, Jacqueline, Lingyu, Fernando, Elizabet, Gahana, Sarah O., Naisha, Will, Brianna, Mario, Uddish, Kate, Soleil, Rivers, Alice, Jamya, Annie Z., Amanda, Jada, Zak, Mariah, Joseph C., Aidan, Rickyala, Azaria, Zaramagi, Eyob, Morgan, Yafet, Nyla, Kennedy, Min'neisha, Jessica, Nathan, Ashley, Grace P., Kareem, Marteveon, Kaden, Ariel, Nate, Skylar, Amarius, Terrance, Jasmine, Kaleb, Robert, Danyel, Grace C., Moriah, Kristina, Barine, Victor, Logan, Cameron, Kyle, Sharvika, Darsh, Mary, Allyah, Aryana, Emma, Annie W., Chris, Maanasa, Lily, Noor, Mustafa, Zachary, Joseph B., Jake, Emily, Khalifa, James, Aaron, Morgan G., Ainsley, Lydia, Joshua, Reghan, Bhavesh, Tigo, Michelle, Amelia, Abhi, Aayush, Noel, Shawn, Mia, Jonathan, Max, Ben, Delanie, Paxton, Coleman, MaKaylia, Gabriel, Tylan, Akayla, Jordan, Ezekiel, Terrence B., Timothy, Sara G., Laniya, Carolyn J., Colin, Brayden M., Kendall, Sam, Nicolas, Sihirah, Taniyah, Valencia, Sara S., Joseph S., Cash, Amir, Devon - Whew!). And I am thoroughly enjoying getting to know all of you!

We will take an interesting journey through time this year - from the fall of the Roman Empire, all the way to the era of Exploration and the discovery of the Americas. Every step we take through time will be memorable in one way or another because we will tackle the information in creative ways.

As you all know, we are beginning with the Fall of Rome. We have worked on timelines this week. Next week we will work on learning menus for this chapter; we will put our outlining practice to good use by outlining the chapter; we will work with vocabulary and learning how to draw our notes; however, most importantly, we will be getting our access to our online books next week.

I will post here at least twice a week. There may be articles I ask you to comment on; there could be a survey, or I might just talk about current events and how they relate to what we are studying. As you read the post, you will be required to post a comment in response at least twice a week. And I do not mean a monosyllabic response such as, "Cool!" or "Great!" A thoughtful, reflective response is required that is composed of a few sentences at the very least.

I can't wait to see your comments! Oh! And remember, unless you have a gmail to use in responding, you should just choose "Anonymous" and include your name in the body of the comment in order to get credit.